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Jiangsu Tiejingang Grasping Steel Machine Co, located in the economic prosperity Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province,
China. Our company is a integrated enterprise which includes the research, development,production and sales. We also have a strong research and development team and own advanced concepts about technology. Main Products: Wheel Grasping Steel Machine,Fixed Grasping Steel Machine,Scrap Metal Grab Machine,Grasping Material Machine, Hinged Grabs, Multiple-flap Grabs …… >>
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Jiangsu Tiejingang Grasping Steel Machine Co.,Ltd.
Address: NO.691 Chengshan Road,
Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China
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Mobile Material Handling Machine
1. Adopt ZF automatic speed changing box, possession of easy operation, stable drive etc.
2. Brake system of this product is from USA brand MICO, lightweight and flexible operation for no worries for you.
3. DANA Axle from USA. Its casting process with wet brake with the high quality in the world. It is stability and comfortable provide a powerful guarantee when driving ……
Stationary Type Grab
1. Low purchase cost, high capacity return.
2. Operating radius customize by order, the needs of different venues can be satisfied.
3. Electric power driven, low cost of using.
4. Grab range is wide and the actual working area of the 15M arm is 700 square meters.
5. NEM Valve Bank from Italy, ensure quality ……
Grab Machine
1. Compact and flexible, can be detachable.
2. Super low energy consumption, superelevation performance - to - price ratio.
3. In comparison, it with more grasping force. 6M arm can handling 600kgs.
4. Adopt NEM Valve from Italy, ensure quality.
5. Can be installed on Car Baler, Heavy-duty Gantry Shear and such big equipment. Improve efficiency and save cost.
Orange Peel Grab
Orange Peel Grab: suitable for steel scrap, steel grab and sub-refining , land fill and construction sites of bulk waste, waste sub-refining, loading and handling, automotive recycling field to disintegration of the car, refining and recycling points were also using hydraulic drive. bucket teeth can be replaced and use the high hardness wear-resistant steel to ensure long service life. Petal shell can be chosen according to ……
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